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Attorney at Law from Universidad EAFIT and Master of Laws with an emphasis in Public Law from the same university, with experience and knowledge in corporate matters, Commercial, Civil and Public Law. She has a conception of ethics embedded in all legal acts.

A lawyer with a social sense, who firmly believes that it is necessary to vindicate the essence of the lawyers as the search for justice and the defense of the individual and collective rights. Despite the area of practice, those rights must always be the basis of law. In herpersonal life, she greatly enjoys contact with people, music and arts. 



Systems Engineer from "Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería", with a Master's Degree in Systems Engineering and an MBA from "Universidad de los Andes" in Colombia. He has more than 16 years of experience in the technology sector and has worked in software construction, consulting, food and beverage, and entrepreneurship. He is also a professor for the School of Management at Uniandes and for the School of Systems Engineering at ECI. 

He is deeply interested in bringing technology as a way to generate a more inclusive and productive society. In his personal life, he enjoys hiking in the mountains with his pets, listening to audiobooks and riding his bike.



Attorney. Candidate for Master's Degree in Justice and Protection of Rights with emphasis on Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory. Her experience and interests have been mainly in Constitutional, Environmental and Administrative Law. 

She values the satisfaction of work with positive social impact, she understands the importance of diversity and interdisciplinarity in the solution of problems for the accomplishment of a more dignified and equitable society. In her personal life, she enjoys teaching yoga classes, going to places she doesn't know, and hiking with her pets.

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