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In Sirirí al Derecho we have as our convictions and principles:

  • Vindication of lawyers' essence: We resist tho those who practice law unattached to justice. We resist the trap of frivolity. We believe that the essence of lawyers should be the creation of a more equitable and just society.

  • Justice: Rights are conquests of all, not privileges of a few that materialize the idea of justice.  We firmly believe that Justice and the practice of Law should be tools to solve problems and not to make them more complex.

  • Change as the only constant: We believe that the Law, the lawyers, and their language, need to modernize, talk with the truth and make technology their tool to make the practice of Law more accessible. At Sirirí al Derecho we seek unconventional and divergent solutions, we believe in the power of reinvention, in the magic of movement.

  • Convergence: We believe in the confluence of the private with the public, of a private initiative that is not opposed to social reality, that converges with the environment and its needs.

  • World Citizenship: We do not believe in the borders that separate us from our own humanity. An indispensable requirement for building a more just society is to give space to young people, peasants, indigenous people, people of African descent, women, men, children, LGBTIQ, victims, migrants, people with disability. We seek to listen and give voice to diversity.

  • Environment:  We firmly believe in the importance of nature, its conservation, and the harmonious relationship of human claims with the environment, where trees and our talents flourish. We are friends of the sun, the water, the flowers, and all beings.

  • Knowledge Revolution: We understand knowledge and research as vehicles that allow us to understand, transform society, and empower ourselves as citizens. A world where we all know our rights and advocate for them will be a more equitable and democratic world.

  • Holism: We believe that the union of multiple opinions and diverse knowledge generates more powerful results. Difference and ambition in ideas have the power to revolutionize the structures that enslave and diminish our possibilities.


  • Empathy: We believe in empathy as the strongest antidote to violence.

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